Pendennis Castle
Les Lobb's Diary
September 2017
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We had a great weekend trip to Henley in Arden music festival, beautiful old town and countryside. On the way home we had lunch with a cousin who lives in Stratford and didn't get on the road until late afternoon - big mistake, with hold ups on the M5 near Bristol and Weston-Super-Mud.
Last evening we met Andrew near Teignmouth for a spot of fishing at 'The Ness' beach. There is a sloping tunnel through the cliffs with about a millyun steps (or that's what it feels like) down to the beach. Not much surf and no bass showing, but we had a few mackerel and it was good to chat with Andrew. A seal made it's way slowly towards Babbacombe, swimming about 5mtrs off the shore and popping it's head up every now and then to have a look at us. This time of year you can occasionally see shoals of mackerel chasing whitebait up onto the beach and catching mackerel on light spinning gear is good fun; Andrew's son Tom had a good bag of them last week. They make good eating and a useful bait for future fishing trips.
The walk/climb back was a good cardio workout - getting a tad old for oiking bags of tackle up mountains.
Where's this month gone?
We've had a few fishing trips around the Devon coasts and a couple of days in South Wales. The weather has not been kind (and neither have the fish!) but it has still been enjoyable.
It has been a sad month for the village with three people dying, two of whom were friends of ours. We also had a phone call to say that our aunt in P'boro has also passed away; this leaves Mum as the only one of that family generation and has upset her a lot. On a brighter note, Mum has had a few visitors this month with more scheduled this week which has pleased her.