Bodiam Castle
Les Lobb's Diary
May 2017
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Sorry for not posting sooner, been trying to get the to-do list down and enjoying the good weather!
Well the garage roof is all fitted and front, rear and one side, fascia boards up - doing t'other side tomorrow all being well. The ceiling has been covered in OSB inside and the whole place is a lot cosier now, just want my armchair and drinks cabinet.
Mum has been having a lot of problems with her hearing aids and we've been ferrying her to and fro for docs and hospital, but it looks as though it will be a few weeks before her new mould is ready.
Head of horticulture is doing a roaring trade with her plants on the trestle table in the drive and has sold out of lobelia already!
We're planning to meet up with some fellow campervanners later this month and are really looking forward to getting away in the bus again.

This bit will probably bore some/all of you, so just ignore it and watch the you tube clip below.
I've been altering the 12v solar charging. The new 100w panel was a different voltage to the existing 175w panel and after doing a lot of research it appears that, if combined, they will both revert to the lowest output.(that's putting it in simple terms!)
With this in mind the set-up now is 175w panel feeding 2 trojan T125 6v batteries in series through an MPPT controller and the 100w panel feeding a sealed 115a battery through another MPPT controller. The 115a battery is dedicated to the fridge, with the option to change the fridge back to t'other bank if necessary. The 115a is also fed by a battery maintainer, to get alternator charge when the engine is running.

David and Denise - how's the new van performing?

Lovely evening, so praps have a glass of something in the garden and watch the sun go down.
A drop of rain at last! (it was only a drop).
For the last few days we've been popping over to Taunton, to take Julie's dog Max for a walk; Steve is in France and when Ju is at work Max doesn't get out.
The fascia is finished on the garage and there was enough left over to do the soffit above the up-n-over door.
The nurse is happy with the way Mum's leg has healed and is not coming again, not bad for 101.
Rained all last night and today - gardens luvin it!
A lot of the bedding plants have gone now, but still got a few hanging baskets that Dawn has planted up for folks.
Garage is now finished inside and out, so this morning I got on with making a battery box for the new leisure battery in the bus. Rather than lots of connections to the battery terminal, I've fitted a small 6 way fusebox, which is tidier than a bird's nest of in-line fuse holders.
Head of shed clearance has been giving the sheds a birthday, so after lunch we took a load to the tip and then went on to Exmouth, where we were the only ones eating ice cream in the rain.
Bit overcast today, but what a scorcher yesterday!
We took the bus over to Ham Hill yesterday, where we had a splendid lunch and, after a stroll round, spent the night. This morning we came back along the A303 to Exmouth and had brekky by the seaside (ice cream shop was closed).
It was a trial run really, before another trip oop norf; plan is to leave early Thursday morning and get past Bristol before the traffic builds up. The gas bottle ran out this morning which was perfect timing as we can now go away with a full bottle.
Bus all loaded ready for the off, Mum has enough grub to last her till xmas and Dawn's had her hair done. Expect storms for the next week or so!
Enjoyed a smashing weekend at Rutland water, really good weather until today, when it turned a bit drizzly. We had a trip visiting friends and family, who were at home, in P'boro. The plan is to journey into the wilds of Norfolk tomorrow before heading up to Hollingsworth for the weekend. (Thanks for the offer of translation help Trevor, but if they don't understand we'll revert to sign language and shouting!)