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Les Lobb's Diary
March 2017
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Got home yesterday, after a few days away in the bus.
Spent the first night at Exmouth, then drove down to St Austell to visit friends and onto Nare head in Cornwall, where we had a very quiet night in a beautiful setting.
As we were near Carne beach, we decided to pop down and have a look before moving on - big mistake. The 'road' to Nare head was single track with overhanging brambles and gorse, but the road to Carne was narrower and on a really steep hill. We went down catching brambles on the sides of the bus and the overhanging branches twanging the aerial, until the sharp 90 degree bend at the bottom. Smashing little beach, but the only way out was back the way we had come; first gear all the way up, praying we didn't meet anything because there were no passing places - Dawn was very quiet.
The A39 south to Helston seemed like a motorway after the wee lanes and we stopped in Sainsbury car park there for a brew, before continuing round to Long Rock, Marazion (getting to be a favourite of ours). The weather was glorious and the beach was busy with kite surfers and dog walkers. When we awoke to our first morning there we realised that someone (moi) had not put enough fresh water in the tank, so that meant a trip to buy a few bottles from the supermarket.
Another gorgeous day on Thursday, but we got a phone call from my sister at six on Friday morning to say that Mum had no electricity. We got home just after nine to find the kitchen ring had tripped out and just needed resetting - Mum will just switch the kettle on without checking how much water is in it and when the element kicks out, it trips out at the con unit as well. (we've had 4 kettles in 2 years!)
Nare Head
Nare Head
Long Rock
Just over a week ago, I sent the V5C for the bus, along with a letter and a few photos to DVLA; we have heard back that we no longer own an ambulance, it is now a 'Motor Caravan'. This should mean cheaper insurance, tolls, ferries etc; just got to line the gas locker and get a safety certificate, then I can notify the ins co.
Our neighbour has given me a load of thin galv sheet steel, so this morning I'm going to start lining the gas locker. Fairly straight forward as it will cut with tin snips.

Gas locker is now lined (I only took one chunk out of my hand) and had 2 coats of hammerite; I'll give it a third one tonight and then tomorrow apply the fireproof silicone to the joints. Only other thing for the gas system is another 'drop out' under the cooker, which should be straightforward to do with a holesaw. I used Screwfix soffit vents for the locker drop out, they are easy to use/fit and not expensive.
Smashing sunny day yesterday and today was virtually wind free at Burnham, which is a very rare occurence!
Early start this morning; over to Taunton at 07.00 to pick up some fence panels and timber. We've been painting the fences, buildings, seats etc, in the hope of a good summer. The low fence in the front garden is in a poor way, hence the new panels.
We're making another batch of marmalade, because Dawn's sold most of the last lot on the charity stall - lovely smell in the kitchen.
The gardens are coming to life now with daffs and hyacinths flowering and buds bursting on the clematis and grape vines. Good time of year!
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A real wet and windy day, but we got another one off the list.
All fence panels fitted and painted with 'Cedar red' wood treatment. Our village can now outdo the Aussies for the number of red-back spiders per sq mtr, also a fair few wood lice with the same make-over.
The Berlingo is loaded with the old panels, ready for a tip-trip tomorrow morning.
Bugger we've earned our Guinness today .............. cheers.

Had an early morning trip to Exeter and then on to Taunton; wet and mucky on the motorway.
We've been undecided about whether we need to fit doors on the gas locker, because it butts up to the rear doors, but as we have enough galv sheet and timber we've made a couple and the paint is drying on them in the garage - they should be ready to fit tomorrow.
Just heard that friends David & Denise are buying a Transit to convert, so it will be interesting to hear their ideas on layout, equipment etc.

1) The wife is always right.
2) When you feel she is wrong, slap yourself and read rule number 1 again
A couple of really sunny, summer days - smashing.
The gas locker doors are now fitted and this afternoon, after a trip t'seaside, we got some thin carpeting stuck onto the roof in the 'above cab' area. This has always been a magnet for condensation, so with the carpeting in place and a thermal curtain in the planning stage we hope to have solved the problem. This area can then be used for storage of light things.
We are hoping to get away for a few days next week and I want to get the tracking checked before then, so a trip to Exeter is on the cards.
My wife and I were walking in the woods the other night and we came across a suitcase full of kittens, I freaked out a bit and asked my wife what we should do. She said to call the RSPCA, which I did and explained the situation.

The woman at the RSPCA said "That's terrible, are they moving?"

I said "I don't know, but that would explain the suitcase"