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Les Lobb's Diary
June 2017
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Left Hollingworth lake at 03.00 this morning and arrived home just after 08.00 - clear roads and good weather. At about 09.00 the heavens opened and it's been raining on and off the rest of the day.
Out latest trip started at Rutland water on 25th May and meant we could visit friends and family nearby. The weather was kind to us and we had an enjoyable weekend before heading off to Cromer on the 30th. As it was a school holiday, the place was heaving and parking was nigh on impossible so we tootled through a lot of my old fishing places and ended up at Wells next sea. Parking was free after 18.00 and we had a peaceful night near the harbour, after spoiling ourselves on crab, cockles, fish n chips and ice creams. In the morning we stopped near Syderstone common where we showered and had brekky - a lovely secluded spot.
Next destination was Magnum Motorhomes in Grimsby, to buy some alloy drip rail which is too long to order by post; twas like Aladdins cave in there!
It was then across country in the rough direction of Hollingworth lake; that night we spent in a small parking area for anglers twixt Scunthorpe and Doncaster; it was right out in the sticks alongside a small drain just begging to be fished. Got woken by a cock pheasant walking round the bus shouting at us, so had our showers and a bowl of granola before the last leg of the journey; first time we had been on the M62 - bliddy high up there innit!
The lake is in a beautiful setting and we met lots of folk we knew and others we knew of, but had never met. Someone had ordered fish n chips for the lot of us (28 vans) on Saturday night and the weather was dry and warm enough for us to eat them round the fire pit.
A splendid break for us and Mum had lots of friends call on her to make sure she was OK.
Further mods to the bus include swivel for passenger seat, fitting 'C' section awning rail for a lightweight awning/sun screen and a few small jobbies.
Went to the zoo today and there was only one single dog on display. It was a shih tzu
We've spent the last week teenager/dog sitting in Taunton and nipping back most days to keep an eye on Mum.
Julie left us a list of 'small' jobs to keep us from getting bored. They recently fitted laminate flooring to the entrance hall, dining room and lounge; it was the first time they had done any flooring and thought it would be easier if they chopped 30 - 50mm off the bottom of the door frames and architrave. Making good the frames was not too difficult, but we couldn't find a matching profile architrave and ended up shaping our own, which took ages. Dawn shortened the new lounge curtains and the place looked quite smart this morning when we left; whether it will still be tidy when Julie & Steve get home this afternoon is another question.
Before going to Ju's, we got the swivel fitted to the passenger seat in the bus and now I have to make a new battery cover and footrest, because we had to remove t'other one to let the seat turn.
So I'm at the wailing wall, standing there like a moron, with my harpoon.
The kitchen mixer tap has been playing up for a while and over the weekend it gave up the ghost altogether. A 7.00am trip to Screwfix for a new tap and some fittings, and then got stuck in. Half past bliddy ten before we'd finished what should have been a 20min job! Now we have to get Mum to understand how a single lever tap works.
I just saw a bloke driving a tractor and shouting "THE END IS NIGH!" I think it was Farmer Geddon.
And God said unto John 'come forth and you shall be granted eternal life'. But John came fifth and won a toaster.
A busy day doing alterations in the bus. Got the new battery box and footrest made and painted, so tomorrow should see it fitted - I hope!
Glorious day, so we put up the big garden brolly and have been chilling twixt sanding and painting.
Find a PIN code consisting of a six digit number containing no zeros and no repeated digits, that satisfies the following conditions:-

1. The first and fourth digits add up to equal the last digit, as do the third and fifth digits.

2. The first and second digits, when read as a two-digit number, equal one quarter of the fourth and fifth digits, when read as a two-digit number.

3. The last digit is four times the third digit.

Battery box/footrest all fitted and a small shelf/rack for sauces and oils made and fitted in the galley area. Head of haberdashery is altering the cab curtain and has made a bag for the internal screens, so that's a few more off the wish list. Bus is about ready for a few days away with Appledore and Westwood Ho looking favourite for the start of next week.
It's been another scorcher today and I think it's about time for a bevy - started trying a few 'craft' beers and I could easily get hooked.
Got home late morning after a brief but enjoyable sortie. About 300 miles.
Left after lunch Sunday in rather hot temperatures and parked up alongside the river near Bideford.
As the day trippers started home, we travelled to Appledore and parked right alongside the Estuary (pics below). Had a walk into the town with an ice cream and stopped at the local hostelry for a welcome pint on the return trip. Glorious sunset and a very welcome breeze off the sea.
Yesterday we tootled across to Westward Ho; tis only a small place with a good beach and a butcher who sold some very tasty sausages. After a brew we followed the A39 - bit twisty, but good scenery - along the coast and ended up at our favourite stop near Marazion.
Very busy with swimmers (people, dogs and horses) and folk trying their hardest to get sun stroke. It quietened down in the evening and we got talking to a German chap who parked near us and told us of the various countries he had visited this trip; right up to the Russian border and made welcome everywhere, with a few restrictions in Holland. He asked about the forbidden sign with a vehicle and zzzs above it that he had seen over here; difficult to explain that our country thinks it has the right to tell you when you can and cannot sleep! Good to chat with people like that, especially when they have cans of Polish lager!
After a peaceful night, we headed homeward just before 07.00 and called in at Exmouth to make some brekky. There is a large ship anchored just outside the channel and we asked a council chap who was collecting litter what it was doing. Over a cuppa he explained that the recent storms had washed away the sand from Dawlish beach and the ship was dredging sand and pumping it onto the beach where we could see diggers etc beavering away. When we had finished our brew and eaten our sausage brekky, we reluctantly headed home.
Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavouring, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?
Phew, we'll soon have a hosepipe ban at this rate.
Bought some 'black pudding' sausages when we were at Westward Ho and just cooked them on the bbq - very tasty. Done a couple of mods for the van but twas too hot to do much in the garage.
We've eventually got the decals out and cut them into individual parts ready for putting them on tomorrow - not looking forward to it!
Why don't you ever see the headline 'Psychic Wins Lottery'?
Not so hot today.
Had a trip to Taunton this morning, then had a go at fixing the decals; wasn't as bad as I expected and we're still married! Got the rear doors and some odd bits to do, but the bulk of it is on (hope it's still there in the morning). Popped some wheel trims on to complete the job.
Marie - email still hasn't arrived, can you send it to the address I use to email you?
I'm not a huge fan
Why is there only one monopolies commission?
Tis overcast in cream tea land this morning, but not cold.
The rest of the decals are now stuck on and we'em ready to roll.
I've uploaded a few pics here, to show the decals.

Getting the bus fridge stocked, ready for another few days away. Probably set off Sunday afternoon, after getting Mum's lunch.
Very lucky timing with the weather!
Left after lunch on Sunday and looked at a couple of possible overnight places near Bideford, before heading to Appledore - getting to really like the town. We had a stroll down some of the streets/lanes that we hadn't seen before and In the evening visited the Seagate Arms to try their menu and were well pleased, excellent food and a proper 'pub' friendly atmosphere. Lots of activity on the water, because of the good weather and evening high tide, so plenty to watch as we supped our ale.
Monday we decided to stay put and explore the part of town that runs alongside the estuary; like walking through a mediterranean village with the narrow streets and brightly coloured cottages. Cooked a meal in the bus that evening and then were lured into town by the sound of a brass band. Spent the rest of the evening by the harbour, listening to the band while enjoying a drink and a bag of chips - like stepping back in time.
Twas still fine Tuesday morning and when we opened the curtains we were greeted by the sight of landing craft putting various vehicles ashore on the dunes at Instow, across the river. A local chap said it was REME testing out their waterproofing of vehicles and happened quite often, to the delight of holidaymakers at Instow. Used up the last of our bacon on a fried brekky and then had a drive to Tintagel, another place we haven't explored for quite a few years. Hasn't changed much, lots of tourist tat shops, pubs etc but we found a pasty maker that provided us with 2 of the best pasties we've had in a long time. The rain set in by early afternoon, so headed homewards and spent last night at Exmouth watching the dredger, still pumping sand onto the Dawlish beaches which were damaged by recent storms.
Steady rain overnight, so after brekky and a spot of shopping we came home this morning.
Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour?