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Les Lobb's Diary
July 2017
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MOT day for the bus, so into Exeter for 09.00 with Dawn following in the car and then tootle off to Teignmouth while they test it.
Getting away most weekends now exploring Devon and Cornwall, but next week we're hoping to have a bit longer trip and do a long awaited sortie into Wales.
We'em dooomed!
Bus failed on a front wheel bearing and shock, so booked in to our local chap next Tuesday to have both sides done, new bearings and shocks. Means the Wales trip is off yet again, but better to get the bus right before going abroard.
Just had a go at 3D printing - can't see what all the fuss is about >>>>
I had a Chicken Tarka from the Indian last night.
Was a bit like Chicken Tikka only a little otter.
Grim couple of days weatherwise, but the garden's grateful.
Fetched the bus home this morning after having new front wheel bearings and shocks; re-test booked for Friday morning. Just had the road tax reminder and the insurance is due next month, so a few hours on the phone I expect, saying 'ow much'!!
We're going to try again to visit Wales next week, just a few days in the Brecon Beacons if nowt else crops up.
A quick trip into Exeter this morning to get the bus re-tested and we now have an MOT cert. Be daft not to call in Lidl while we were there, but I was not allowed in the shop!
Got to start totting up the cost of stuff used in the conversion, before ringing round for insurance quotes as a 'Motor Caravan' instead of an ambulance.
Been getting some beach fishing gear sorted, in case we manage to get to Wales next week; though something always seems to crop up to prevent us going - never mind, fingers crossed we'll be on our way next Wednesday.
The other day my wife asked me to pass her lipstick to her. I passed her a glue stick by mistake.
She still isn't talking to me
Thunderstorms overnight, but fairly settled now.
Loading the bus with last minute stuff, then taking Mum to the hairdressers at 10.00. We'll get her lunch when she gets back and then we're off to dragon land!
Back home in cream tea land after a varied few days in Wales.
All went to plan until we got over the Severn bridge, then we heard the odd thumping noise that I first of all put down to road noise, it got more frequent and changed to a definite knocking. Pulled in outside Newport and called the breakdown service; they arrived within the hour and towed us to a garage 6 miles outside Abergavenny. We spent the night on their forecourt after refusing offers of electricity, water etc. and in the morning they put the bus on the lift and, with the wheel jacked up, it was obvious the problem was the new wheel bearing. They drove us into Abergavenny while a new bearing was fitted and we spent the morning roaming around until they picked us up when the bus was finished at lunchtime.
Not the best of starts, but we headed for the hills and spent the night in the Brecon beacons near Sugarloaf mountain. Twas rainy and blowing a bit, so in the morning we headed down to the coast and found a spot next to the beach on Barry Island where we met a friend who lives nearby. Another quiet night and then off to Pembrokeshire - what a beautiful place, we stayed at Freshwater west which is very popular with surfers and left early in the morning to visit St Annes head. A good place to overnight, but a bit bleak and windy so we found a spot overlooking Milford Haven at Dale which, with the sun that blessed us, was purfick.
Neither of us had ever visited the Mumbles, so we called in there the next morning on our way back along the coast; it was too busy for us but obvious why it was so popular with holidaymakers. A spot of lunch and then we threaded our way through the traffic back to the M4 and onto Barry Island where we spent our last night.
Yesterday it was a fine morning and we set off at 6.00 to avoid the traffic (we thought) and had a zigzag journey home via Burnham on Sea, Yeovil and Taunton.
Another successful trip and a region we are certainly going to visit again.
I've just taxed the bus and rung for insurance quotes - with the value of the bus doubled because of all the conversion gear the premium has reduced by £100, bizarre!
Dale, Pembrokeshire