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Les Lobb's Diary
January 2017
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A Happy and Healthy new year to everyone.
Good start, Dawn's buggered (medical term) her back and is laid up. Seemed a good opportunity to update the website, tween administering coffee etc. I've used 'castles' for this year's pics.
Got the reversing camera all done now and Dawn has altered the bus shower curtain. The shower room shelf is made and painted, ready to put in place tomorrow. We should be getting a second solar panel delivered this week and it would be good if I can get it fitted before Thursday, because we are going to have a couple of days in Cornwall - providing Dawn's up to it.
Thick frost, no breeze, chimney smoke going straight up like you see on xmas cards. Chief advisor's back is not much better, so it'll be a while before we go anywhere. Just checked the bus and the fan heater on frost stat is keeping it at 5 degrees. After I've done all my chores, I'll fit the shower room shelf and sort some stuff out for wiring in the new panel when it arrives.
First mate is still suffering with her back.
Got the shower room shelf fixed in place; it should be big enough.
The solar panel I had ordered was returned by the delivery courier because it was broken; the replacement was delivered this morning and is all OK. I've fitted the brackets, but I'll fit the controller etc when tis a bit warmer out there. Then, when I fit the panel, the cables will run in the existing conduit and it should be a straightforward job. (Because of voltage differences, I'm using a separate controller rather than add to the existing) This will take the solar to 275w, which I'm hoping will keep the 240ah batteries topped up.
Been a drizzly sort of day - nothing done with the solar panel.
Dawn's back is still bad, so she decided a walk might do it good; we had a walk round Teignmouth, but it's still playing up.
Time lapse film of road repairs
We had a ride to Exmouth this afternoon; the sea had a bit of a lump on and there was heavy rain, but all the ice cream stalls were shut, so we looked at the sea for a while and then went to The Old Well for a brew and slice of cake.
Still waiting for the right back/weather conditions to get the new solar panel stuck on t'roof. Forecast is for a lot colder later this week so will have to play it by ear.
Been a dull, grey day and none too warm.
My mate's a bit more mobile now, so we took advantage of the dry weather to glue and screw the new solar panel on t'roof. The existing mini-trunking held the new cables and I was able to feed them alongside the rev camera cables down into the cab. I had an email to say the controller is being delivered tomorrow, so should be able to get it wired in if the weather stays dry.(it's going behind the driver's seat, so I have to work on it from outside.)
The snow forecast for last night stayed on the moors, we just had rain and really cold winds.
The solar controller is now in and working well, so the only big job left is the vinyl work which needs warmer weather.
Ooops, head of planter moving just asked me to blow up the tyres on her sack truck - I started the compressor and did exactly what she asked ... BANG, tyre split in two. My excuse of "well you did ask me to blow them up" didn't impress her much. Women ....................
Our builder mate is coming next week to alter the drive so we can get the bus and car off the road. We are moving planters and stuff out of the way today, ready for the skip on Monday.
The drive work:-
On Monday, Dave took the wall down and broke up some of the old concrete and finished the rest of it yesterday. Still loads of space in the skip when the digger was delivered this morning; I drove the digger while Dave sorted out the edges. It wasn't long before I was hammering the stuff down into the skip to get more in, but it proved just big enough - provided the wagon can lift it tomorrow! This afternoon Dave whacked the area down and laid membrane ready for the scalpings, which are being delivered tomorrow. The old edging pieces have made good shuttering for the foundations of the new wall, which should be poured tomorrow.
Another fair day, after a nippy start; hoping for a frost-free night because the new coping was too wet to cover. We weren't far out with the extra bags of gravel, just need a few more to finish it.
Tomorrow morning should see the scaffolding up and the chimney down. We've ordered another skip because we have a lot of soil that we can't use and the brickwork from the chimney can go in it as well.
I made a new year resolution to lose a stone by easter - doing well, just 16lbs to go!
The skip has just been collected and we have the bus and car in the drive; good timing cos it's just started raining. Mum was panicking about removing the chimney, but has accepted it now. Got to make up some wooden ramps to use in the drive, so the bus sits a bit nearer level and we can use the shower easier. I'll get some pics when the weather is better.
Getting the bus loaded ready for a few days away. We're heading in the direction of Marazion first and then jiggle our way back along the north Cornwall coast. It is damp and dismal here with the same forecast for the week, so we may as well be looking at the sea with an oggy in our hands, rather than watching the rain through the windows here.