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Les Lobb's Diary
February 2017
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Just got home after a few days in Cornwall. On Monday we travelled to Marazion, where we spent a couple of nights right next to the sea near St Michaels Mount. A few vans, lots of dog walkers and drizzly weather; twas only £1 for 24 hours - hard standing and rubbish bins, so all we needed really. Yesterday we went along the north coast and looked in at Gwithian and Hells Mouth, before finding a parking place on the quay at Padstow. We had a walk round in the rain and bought pasties for our tea; lots of places closed for seasonal refurb. After a brew, we tootled along the coast and settled in Tintagel for a windy, rainy night.
The wind was gusting pretty strong this morning so we decided to follow the coast road through Boscastle (to test the clutch!) and head for home, calling in at Exmouth with a view to stopping there for the night if it was OK.
In Exmouth, head of provisions nipped out to get fish-n-chips while I parked the bus near the station and then we drove to the lifeboat house to eat them. One look at the sea was enough to realise we would not be spending the night there - waves were topping the sea wall in places and spume was flying about. On the bright side the chips were good, but after eating them we had a steady trip home.
The diesel heater performed very well, although the last two nights we slept without needing any heating. One or two little jobs to do before our next trip, but overall a very enjoyable, peaceful few days.
We're both down with the lurgy; Dawn was feeling a bit rough before we went away and is getting over hers now.
Bus - The only thing I used in the bus conversion that was not new was the main water pump - it's popping fuses now, so looks as though I'll have to swap it. I've made a small shelf to fit over the bedroom window to hold phones, tablets etc while they are charging. (I suppose it will get filled with girly stuff). I can fit that when we oik out the water pump.

It was dry this morning, so we had a go at the pump. To get to it we had to remove Dawn's mattress and the cupboard drop-in base.
The pump was duff, so we replaced it and changed the waste water tap/pipe layout while we had the tools out.
The shelf just needed screwing in place and that was the morning gone. It is now raining and the temperature has dropped so just got it done in time.
I mistakenly ate some Daffodil bulbs thinking they were Onions.
They are poisonous and I was rushed to Hospital.
The Consultant has told me I'm off the danger list now
and I should be out sometime in the Spring.
Bright sunny day, crocus and mini iris flowering, with daffs not far behind.
Head of valeting has washed all the Cornish mud off the bus and I've been 'advised' not to drive on muddy verges.
It's booked in for a service next week and then we can plan our next sortie - fancy Pembrokeshire, but depends on the forecast.
Just taken the bus in for its first full service since we got it. The mechanic has a workshop on the outskirts of the village so Dawn followed me in the car and we hope to collect the bus later today or tomorrow.
Off to Newton Abbot now to look round Trago Mills, don't know if it's a good idea at half-term week!
Quite peaceful at Trago, praps they didn't want their little darlings getting wet - it poured down.
Collected bus, all done; 2 tyres getting near the limit so its booked in for two new ones tomorrow morning in Tivvy.
Took the bus in just after nine this morning and then we had a stroll to McDonalds, for a sit down and to taste their culinary delights. Nuff said, we collected the bus and went to Julie's to pick up a sheet of ply that was too big for the car and got home just after lunch.
The hazard switch has been a bit temperamental lately and the mechanic put it on his report when doing the service and check-up. I ordered a new switch, which should be here by the end of the week and thought no more of it. Got up for a pee in the early hours and the drive was lit up by flashing orange lights; I must have left the switch in the on position. Nipped out in my boxers to turn it off, praying that Mum didn't lock the back door when on one of her nightly prowls.
It's been a bright sunny day and some of the summer bedding seeds, which we sowed in trays, are poking their heads up - summer's on its way.
We've been using a cool box in the bus, mainly because it 'only uses 3amp', or so the blurb said - put a meter on it and it's nearer 6amp. This morning we had a measure up and I've just ordered a Waeco 12v compressor fridge, as an early birthday present for head of mobile catering.
We got the fridge fitted in and I wired it to a separate switch so we could turn it on/off without opening it. Seems the switch was not really necessary, because it uses so little leccy we leave it on permanently; it pulled 3amps when first switched on and only cuts in very rarely, so the panels provide ample even on cloudy days. The motor/compressor is very quiet and, unless you listen for it, you wouldn't know it was running.
Got back yesterday after a few days away, where we did a round trip covering Somerset Devon and Cornwall.
Gradually ironing out the little niggles, but overall very pleased with the layout.
The hazard switch arrived from Poland and was a simple matter of pulling the old one out the dash, plugging in the new one and pushing it back in place.
I've sent off pics, log book etc to DVLA to change the details from 'Ambulance' to 'Motor Caravan'; also getting an LPG chap to check over the gas system tomorrow, in case Ins co ask for it.
Next Monday we hope to head off to South Wales for a few days, depending on how Mum is.