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Les Lobb's Diary
December 2017
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Snowman for sale
Needs some attention - make
good winter project!
Just got used to writing 2017 and it'll soon be changing again!
Temperatures have started dropping and I'll soon have to try and find my vest; plenty of sun, but got to keep moving.
Dawn and her mate have sold £1200 worth of raffle tickets for their Xmas draw at the mini-market tomorrow morning - if other years are anything to go by, it should be a cracker.
Getting itchy feet, so probably head off for a few days in the bus on Sunday.

Got an email today -

Congratulations you have won either £1000 cash or tickets to see the Elvis Presley Show -

Press 1 for the money, 2 for the show.
Well the mini market was a huge success and they raised a good amount of dosh.
Had a few days away in the bus, but only round Devon and Cornwall; praps we'll have a couple of days at the stones for next week's solstice.
Weatherwise, I think we have fared a lot better than most of the country, just biting cold winds and rain/sleet showers.
Christmas has been sorted, with Ivan and Jean spending the day with us, so Mum does not have to travel.
Chilly start this morning.
Took Mum for an xray on her shoulder after she fell getting out of bed; GP didn't think she had broken anything but wanted an xray to be on the safe side.
We've been running wiring in the bus for an extra USB socket portside, for charging phones, tablets etc., but haven't been able to connect to the fusebox because it has been raining on and off for days and we need the driver's door open to do it. As we are hoping to be off in the bus on Sunday, we really need to get it finished today and the interior put back together.
The river levels have risen a lot this week and I wouldn't be surprised to see flooding at the usual spots on the Exe and Culm.
Why do my clothes shrink over Xmas, praps it's the cold weather?
Ivan and Jean came here for lunch yesterday, to save Mum travelling and it all went OK - Dawn did us proud!
We've got kids and gkids coming for lunch today, to help us eat our way through the mountain of food that's left. Andrew made us some creme brulees for yesterday, I could get hooked on them very easily.
Weather has not been very christmassy, with rain on and off all yesterday and overnight, but now we have sunshine.