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Les Lobb's Diary
April 2017
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A lovely sunny morning!
Been making a few planters that people have asked for and, when we get them out of the garage, our next project is a gate for the passageway tween garage and bungalow. Got a motorhome meet coming up next weekend so hoping for good weather.
For anyone looking up old school chums this site is brilliant and can usually find a photo with you in it :-
Popped into Exeter t'other day to get the tracking done on the bus - sheared bolt, two new track rod ends! Head of stacking and packing is loading the bus, ready for the off tomorrow; can't leave till after lunch because of a physio appt, so probably stop near Oxford and carry on Friday morning to the wilds of Norfolk.
We had a steady drive up to Reepham, stopping overnight at Claydon on the way. Scorching hot sun for the meet, where we caught up with old friends and met a few new ones; I managed to get my nose sunburnt! On the Monday we went into Cromer and did the holiday-maker bit, ice cream, fish-n-chips, cockles, and a crab that we ate for lunch on the way home. It was a good trip home from Norfolk and the bus behaved well.
Slight hiccup on the M5 when a few cows decided to try life in the fast lane; 3 police cars, 2 motorway pick-ups and lots of people trying to get them to go home, while both sides of the motorway were stopped - John Wayne would have done it with one horse and a lump of rope!
I've got a few more small modifications to do on the bus, but nowt major.
Mum had a fall while we were away and cut her leg, but fortunately nothing broken. It was treated and bandaged at hospital and the nurse is coming to dress it this morning, so we'll find out more then
Wot a muppet!!!
I'm changing the 12v stuff around on the bus and needed to drill a small hole in the floor for a battery vent pipe. Head of under-bus stuff had a look and said we should take it to Martin and put it on his ramp, cos there's a lot of stuff where I wanted the hole. "No" says I "we'll just drill it and see where it comes out". We now have a new vent hole in the top of the fuel tank! Took it to Martin who said, with a smile on his face, bring it down on Thursday and we'll sort it; didn't help that we had filled up on the way back from Norfolk.
Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Scarlet, Mrs. Smith, and Mrs. Jones went to a party.
They wore red, blue, yellow, and green dresses, but not necessarily in the respective order.
Each of them brought with them one of the following: cake, ice cream, crisps, and biscuits.

Mrs. Smith did not wear green, and did not bring the biscuits.

The lady wearing red brought the biscuits.

The lady wearing yellow brought the ice cream.

Mrs. Scarlet wore blue dress.

Mrs. Jones brought the cake.

Name what each of them wore, and what food each of them brought to the party.
Hectic start today. Mum was getting a lot of pain from her leg, so we took her to Exeter A&E (walk in centre) at 08.00 where they re-dressed her leg and said there was no sign of infection or thrombosis. The nurse tried to explain it WOULD be painful, until it had healed and she MUST take the pain killers - Mum is not the easiest person to explain things to, but we'll see how she gets on.
Ivan and Jean came to lunch and we managed to finish a leg of lamb between us. Ivan has an appt with the oncologist on Wed to find out about his treatment.
A busy few days!
We've started on the garage roof at last (it's been leaking worse than ever this winter). Because the original is asbestos, we left it in place and have built a 4x2 framework above it. The new roofing sheets were being delivered today, so we laid out the insulation on the old roof between the new joists ready to pop the sheets on - driver delayed because of motorway accident, sheets arrived just before five this evening. They are galv steel 6m x 1m, so thought better of trying to oik them up there tonight and will probably wait for a mate to help us on Monday.
Fetched the bus back after the fuel tank leak was repaired; they drained the tank so they could drop it down to repair it and got a lot of rubbish out of it. It was easy to repair as we had drilled a nice clean hole, but I think we will route the breather pipe elsewhere now.
Mum is getting her leg dressed by the nurse twice a week and they are pleased with the way it's healing.
Ivan has got to wait till his op wound is better before they start radio/chemo; about a month they think.
The weather kept dry over the weekend and, with the lads help, we got the sheets onto the garage roof and fixed down this morning; it has just started to drizzle, so good timing. We've got some upvc fascia boards being delivered on Wednesday and once they are in place, with the guttering, I can cut off the overhang on the steel sheets. The garage now needs a good clean and sort out inside and we are going to take the opportunity to board the roof on the inside before we put everything back into place.
Bedding plants are roaring away and head of horticulture is keen to get her stall set up on the drive. We have lots of over-wintered plants that are ready for sale and the space will be needed for the bedding, so when the garage is finished we'll get that sorted.
Anyone interested?
A friend of mine has two tickets for the best Formula 1 race of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix on the weekend of the 26th - 28th May.
They are box seats and include a full hospitality package and parking for a motorhome in a sea facing premier pitch. It also includes a guided tour of the pit lane on race day.
He didn't realise when he bought them that unfortunately this is the same day as his wedding.
If you're interested and want to go instead of him ... it's at St Margaret's church Lytham at 2.15pm on the 27th.
Her name is Janet .... She’ll be the one in the white dress.