Files to Download
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The Excel files are spreadsheets that you can also open using "Open Office" if you have not got "ms Office". You can download a free version of Open Office - just google it.
I must give special thanks to Trevor, for his help in compiling the GPS locations file.

The pdf files are usually quite large, to get good detail, so may take a longer time to download. The Chrysler dealer list is included because they usually sell LPG from a pump.

The Autoroute files are for "AutoRoute 2010". Most of the Autoroute locations files are ones I originally downloaded from this is a good site with lots of useful info.

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The Ppoint section has a variety of presentations that can be viewed with M.Soft Power Point Viewer - a free download; if you need it, just google it.
Please be patient, because some of these files are quite large and may take a moment or two to download.