Les Lobb's Diary
January 2018
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Here's wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Not much like Xmas/New Year weatherwise, we've had sun, rain, hail and lots of wind, but it's still mild - mustn't grumble I suppose.
As there is not much doing on the fishing scene - we're still waiting for the cod to show - I've been making some wooden lures in the garage/den. It keeps me out of mischief and from under SWMBO's feet. We can't make many plans for this year because a lot depends on Mum's health, but we have booked for camper meets in Norfolk in April and Northumberland in August: we'll see what else turns up.
Asked the bookshop guy if he had any books on turtles
''hardback?'' he says
''that's right'' I said ,
''with little leathery heads ''
What a night! I've emptied the water barrels near the greenhouses to prevent damage from freezing and that Rigby woman and her wind decided to take one on walk-about in the garden at 01.00. Lots of thunder and lightning, which ended up cutting our power at 02.15; rang Western Power and was told they had over 500 homes without power but were hoping to get it restored by 04.30 , which they did. It's still blowin' a good un out there and when it gets a bit lighter, I'll see what damage it has done.
Had a trip to Seaton yesterday, to try and get some info on fishing the beaches in that area. Met a couple of helpful chaps in the local tackle shop and think we'll give the town beach a bashing one night next week. Not much chance of cod, but whiting and the odd bass being caught with an off chance of a ray or flatty. Came home via Woodbury common and Exmouth, where we had a late brekky and then did some shopping.