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Les Lobb's Diary
November 2016
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It doesn't look much like winter this morning, the sun is blazing through.
Head of crotcheting has made a throw for the settee, with colours to match the galley tiles.
I've taken a few photos and posted to the pic dump, but the sun being so low makes it difficult to avoid shadows. Here are a couple:-
Pics dump
While head of provisions has been stocking up the bus, I've been trying to alter the clock on the dash - all done using the radio buttons and stalk on the column.
In the morning, after Dawn's been to the barbers, we'll set off in the direction of Devizes and see how far we get.
Well we made it over the border, we'em now oop norf ish on a friends drive in Peterboro'. Called in at Devizes on Wednesday and head of retailing had a mosey round but was not very impressed, she did manage to get me a 'Roses' pork pie and some haslet. We have spent a lot of time in Devizes during our narrow boating days and always found it a pleasant place with a good market, but it seems a bit tired and scruffy now. Passd a peaceful but chilly night 'minus one' at Silbury Hill and then had a good run up here yesterday.
We'em back in glorious Devon again, after our quick sortie over the border. After seeing family and friends in P'boro, we nipped down the A1 for a chat (and bacon butty!) with Rob and Julie; converting his van is a lot more work than mine, which was already insulated and lined. While we were there, Rob mentioned that Terry was at Rutland water, so after a phone call we tanked back up the A1 for a night there. First time we had met Terry and Maggy a smashing friendly couple who we hope to meet up with later in the year.

We were well pleased with the bus, but the problems we had were :-

Didn't know we had an alarm fitted until I locked us in and stuck my big head through the cab curtain, got to sort that out.

B2B not working as expected, got to sort that out.

Shelf needed in shower room ..........

We both agree (and that's a rarity!) that the windows either end of the fixed bed need blanking out and panelling

Overall, a good very enjoyable first trip.
Bbbbbitter cold wind today.
A friend on the Wild Camping forum told me how to de-activate the internal alarm which saved me a lot of head scratching.
The B2B charger did not respond to any of the attempts listed in the manual, so posted it off to the makers yesterday.
We ripped the 'orrible fablon stuff off the rear side windows this morning and gave them both an undercoat; tomorrow we'll give them a few more coats and get some ply to blank them off with. Should have enough ply from the sheet to make shelves in the shower room and fixed bed area.
Just back from B&Q where we had a sheet of 9mm ply cut up for the windows etc. Had to call in Sainsbury for a few essentials as we were passing, but we still managed to miss the worst of the traffic.
Weather was not very special, so we slapped another undercoat on the windows and had a ride over to Burnham. We called in at Highbridge caravans to see if they had anything I could use as a drip rail over the sliding door - came away with a length of alloy 'J' section for £6.
Julie's day off, so we popped over to see her this morning; called in the Old Well garden centre for a cheese scone and a cuppa on the way home.
The windows have had another dose of undercoat and tomorrow I'll get a top coat on them, before we start fitting the battens for the blanking panels.
Sterling rang this morning to tell me the charger had been re-programmed (that covers a lot!) and is being delivered to me on Monday. That means we'll need to have another trip to try it out, duh!
Not a lot done over the weekend and today we've been running people about, so tomorrow I can refit and set up the charger, which was delivered this afternoon. The windows have got enough paint on now, I hope, and the panelling/insulation can be cut and fitted if it's dry tomorrow.
Drizzly sort of day.
Ooops, got up to switch the coffee pot on and there was a card leaning against it! Mum was the only one who remembered it was our 49th wedding anniversary.
We got the insulation glued to the window blanking panels and gaffer taped the edges for good luck. They were fitted quite easily and then it started raining, so we popped over to Taunton and had a coffee with Julie. Remembering our anniversary on the way home, we stopped in Tivvy and I bought the lass some fish and chips; I shared them with her. The panels are now filled, sanded and siliconed in place.
Cor innit chilly!
The charger still did not work properly and after lengthy talks with their tech dept and giving them various voltage readings etc. I returned it again. This afternoon I got a call to let me know they had found and rectified the fault (a capacitor popped) and were sending it back to me. We would like to visit a friend in Bristol, so after re-fitting the charger it would be a good 'test trip' for it later next week.
Head of energy efficiency is making silver screens out of silver bubble insulation from Wickes and has got the rear and side door ones completed with lots of stuff left for the rest.
The trees along the Exe valley are looking beautiful, with the best autumn colours we've seen for a few years. It's strange how we never seem to appreciate the countryside where we live, just take it for granted don't we.
The rain has stopped at last, I think they have run out of the stuff!
We got all the eyelets and suckers in, and the silver screens are fitted and looking quite professional.
The B2B charger has been delivered, refitted and set up; it seems to be working OK, but we will see. I've always had a lot of confidence in Sterling products and we've used a few of them on different boats with no problems at all; I'm hoping this was just a blip because they are usually fit-n-forget units.
I've been making a small panel to fit below the fuse box with a digi volt display for both batteries and am waiting for a switch before I can fit it.
Our head crotcheter has now finished both blankets for the bus and very good they look.
I've had a dodgy couple of days with my back, so will see what it's like tomorrow before deciding whether to have a few days away in the bus.
When I retired, I could hardly wait to spend time enjoying my favourit pastime - fishing.
I bought my own little fishing boat and tried to get my wife to join me, but she just never liked fishing.
So one day down at the Bait & Tackle Shop, I got to talking to Sam (the shop owner) who it turned out, loves fishing as much as I do. We quickly became fishing buddies. As I said, the wife doesn't care for fishing, but she always complains that I spend too much time pursuing my pastime & socializeing with Sam & a few weeks ago had the best fishing trip ever. Not only did I catch the most beautiful fish you've ever seen, only a few minutes later Sam must have caught its twin brother! So I took a picture of Sam holding up the two nice fish that we caught and showed the picture to my wife, hoping that maybe she'd get interested.
Instead she says she doesn't want me to go fishing at all anymore! And she wants me to sell the boat! I think she just doesn't like to see me enjoying myself.
You see what I had to put up with !.
I mean What would you do?
Tell the wife to forget it and Continue my hobby, or quit fishing and sell the boat as she insists?

Here is a picture of Sam holding the two fish.
Answer = 15 (5+1x10)
Had a couple of cold days and the forecast is for colder tonight - minus 4!
We took our friend to hospital early this morning for an operation and rather than brave the traffic in Exeter we hid in Tesco and had a brekky.
It didn't seem worth starting anything on the van in these temperatures, so we tootled off to Burnham after cooking Mum's lunch and had a mosey round the shops.
I have the rev camera bracket made, but haven't fitted it because I don't know how good the adhesive will be in low temperatures.
The blue vinyl stripes have arrived, but again wary of putting them on in the cold.