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Les Lobb's Diary
December 2016
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Winter arrives in cream tea land, minus 4 degrees this morning and foggy.
An early trip to Exeter audiology clinic to get Mum's hearing aids sorted - verdict:- 'someone' has made a hole in the mould and a new one has been ordered.
Twas still below freezing when we got home and not a day to be playing in the garage.
Alison rang from hospital to let us know she was ready to come home after her op and could we fetch her after lunch. When we reached Exeter the sun was out and it was a balmy 1 degree; I even got a parking spot near the hospital entrance. Poor Ali had not had much sleep and was looking forward to a good nights kip in her own bed.
Still below freezing and foggy in the village until just after three o clock when the fog cleared in time to let us see the sun disappearing over the hills.
We're hoping for better in the morning for our trip to Taunton.
Woke up to another white and crunchy world, but it does seem to have crept above freezing now.
After visiting Julie this morning, I started on the timber for the table which DVLA seem to think all 'motor caravans' should have. I got it cut to length and slotted for biscuits, but I don't think I'm going to risk glueing it in the garage, so in the morning when Dawns at the xmas mini market I'll bring it in the conservatory and glue/clamp it there where it's warmer.
A local factory had a 100 mtr roll of bubble-wrap delivered.
The boss said to one of the lads "Just pop it in that corner over there".
He was there for 3 weeks!
Very mild yesterday and this morning after a few cold nights.
Went to Morrisons in Tivvy yesterday to help head of purchasing; made a pratt of myself again. At the deli counter was an assistant in the usual butchers outfit and straw boater, head down wrapping up a joint of beef. "Scuse me mate" says I " have you got any haslet?". The assistant looked up - twas a woman, she didn't seem amused; Dawn couldn't stop laughing, must admit I had a chuckle as well when we were round the corner.
I've been making a table for the bus, which is a must-have to get the log book changed to 'Motor Caravan'. I got a coat of gloss on it yesterday afternoon, but it's not really been glueing/painting weather. The vinyl stripes are going to have to wait for a warm day before we put them on.
Julie and the kids are coming over for Xmas day and Mum is staying here because Ivan has not been well. The turkey is in the freezer and other xmassy bits are being put by, but the cheeses we keep buying don't seem to last long - yum yum.
I went to the doctors with hearing problems.
He said "Can you describe the symptoms?"
I said "Homers a fat bloke and Marge has blue hair"
A bloke on a tractor has just driven past me shouting "The end of the world is nigh!!"
I think it was Farmer Geddon.
My new years resolution is to stop using spray on deodorant!
Roll on next year!
Chris Eubank has just written a book about Ethics.
If it's a success, his next one will be about Kent.
Been a grand day, but still got very little done!
We'em taking off tomorrow for a couple of gap days in t'bus; only the Mendips, but it'll be a change of scenery and tis somewhere we don't know very well.
Back in cream tea land. A very enjoyable couple of days roaming; visited friends in Bristol and then had a drive over the Mendips and spent the night at Ham Hill. After a peaceful night we awoke to a misty morning, so we headed for the coast and had lunch at Burnham before a steady run home.
The bus performed well, but we still need a shelf in the shower room - tis the silly little jobs that keep getting left! We have just fitted a bracket behind the passenger seat to store the table on; I'd made it before we left but the paint was not dry enough to fit then.