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Les Lobb's Diary
April 2016
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Been a hectic few days.
Mum is still staying with Jean until the work's finished.
All windows are in place and external brickwork done. Tomorrow Dave will finish the internal walls and start the plastering.
The place is in a right state with furniture moved to the walls and carpets up, but we managed to fit window boards to the new front windows and everything is ready for the morning. Dawn has been decorating between the bouts of building work, meaning there will be less to do when the job's completed.
After lunch today, we had a ride to Exmouth for a walk along t'prom and an ice cream - like a couple of kids!!
Scratch coats finished; Dave's coming back tomorrow to skim and tidy up.
He had some mortar left over this afternoon and kindly bricked up the back wall of the garage where we put the door in. When it's all finished, we've got to get the carpet cut and fitted and the furniture back in place. The decorating will have to wait until the plasters dried out.
Job's done. Carpet down; vents, switches, curtain poles etc all fitted. We fetched the 'Rug Doctor' at 07.00 this morning and we've only got the bathroom carpet to do and then we're taking it back. I'll take a few pics later on.
Doing the 'final' bits and pieces today, which seem to take forever to finish. The window boards could do with another topcoat, but with Mum coming back in the morning it's perhaps wiser to leave them for another time.
It'll be a bit sad for Mum coming home, because her friend who lives a few doors away and accompanies her to coffee mornings and on bus trips, has just had a stroke and is in a very bad way.
For a change, head of catering has been baking and now I've got a ginger cake and a gurt big madeira cake to taste-test.
Garage prior to painting
New look frontage
Apologies for the lapse, I'll see if I can keep up to date now.
We've just got a few decorating bits to do inside but the work is finished and the drive is clear of bricks, blocks etc. The garage is now back in workshop mode and turning out more stuff for Dawn's big charity fair in June; a local farmer is letting them hold a cream tea afternoon on his farm, with farm tours and loads of stalls etc.
They had a coffee n cake afternoon in the church hall last Saturday and raised over £400.
On a sad note, Mum's friend died last Tuesday and she is waiting for funeral details. Mum has accepted the changes to the bungalow well, but still misses the old front door!
Head of landscaping wants a 5ft trellis fence making and putting at the back of one of our raised flower beds and I vaguely remember being told this will happen this morning. It can't be a flimsy thing like you see in the garden centres, cos it's got to support a load of climbing plants, so I'll make it out of roofing battens, which won't be seen anyway when the plants cover it.