Blackpool Sands, Devon
Les Lobb's Diary
June 2015
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This month's music has got a "Train" theme. >>>>>>>>>>>
Dawn enjoyed her day at the plant sale and brought home a couple of cheese scones for me. All our bedding plants have gone and the sales area only has a range of ground-cover plants and a few small planters now. The rain of the last few nights has brought the garden on well and we've had a few strawberries already.
Bit grim weatherwise, so we had a ride to Teignmouth after lunch, for a stroll round the tat shops and a coffee. Surprising how much stuff you realise you need when you enter a "Pound" shop!
We'em going oop norf and across a bit at the weekend, to stay at a Stately home in Peterborough. To break the journey, cos I'm gitten old, I've booked a night at Tewkesbury on Thursday; it splits the journey up nicely.
Off to Taunton this morning, to see Julie and check how the plants that Dawn put in are doing.
Best laid plans and all that! I've had an acceptable offer on the van, but he can only collect it at the weekend, so we've had to delay our visit to P'boro. Fortunately the booking clerk at Chateau Barsby was very helpful and put our stay forward a few days.
The sun is blazing through the blinds, heralding (good word innit!) another smasher. Spect admin will want to go to the coast and, as long as we get a decent lunch somewhere, it should be a good day for it.
16.00 - Membury
The vans gone - chap collected it at lunchtime.
We had a good journey here, with no hold-ups, but my bliddy knee had had enough by the time we stopped. We're at a "Days Inn" hotel for one night, to break the journey to P'boro; had a job finding accommodation, but this is OK.
05.00 - Membury
Good nights kip and, peeking through the curtains, it looks a bonny start to the day. There's wifi in all rooms here and it's not too slow, but why do all these sort of places call it "free", when it's actually included in the price!
05.00 - P'boro
Busy day yesterday; drove up to P'boro, arriving mid morning to a welcome cup of coffee. After lunch we nipped over to visit a friend who had some unwanted fishing gear which he gave us for our son to use. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the sun and chatting with Barry and Ann and their daughter and grandson, who popped in with ice creams for us all.
Today's plan is to visit B&A's holiday home at Heacham and then ...................
Back from a splendid day at t'seaside; had a whippy ice cream and a picnic. I've just tried to book a room to split the journey back to Devon, but everywhere is booked solid, so I reckon we'll head off tomorrow and see how we get on (we can always look for a B&B en route).
21.00 - Silverton
A bit hectic, but a very enjoyable few days away. Ann and Victor, sorry Barry, made us very welcome and even gave up their bed for us. We did the journey home in one trip with a wee stop at Oxford services and arrived here just after lunch.
Luverly rain overnight and it looks like a bright start to the weekend. Management has been having neck pains, (no, not me) so yesterday we visited Lisa in Barnstaple to get it sorted. We stopped at the "Log Cabin" for a comfort break - that's a posh way of saying wee, coffee and bacon butty, but still got there early enough to traipse round a few shops. I waited in B&Q car park, because parking in Barnstaple can be difficult to say the least, while Lisa pounded admin's bones and stretched her neck.
'Er was aching a bit last night, but is better this morning and with a Mum free day (She's on a bus trip to Minehead) ahead of us, we've got a few jobs to do.
Tis a tad overcast this morning, but twill suit us because we are taking Mum to Axminster for a 12-o-clock appt at the eye clinic.
The strawberries are cropping well now and Dawn had the first raspberry yesterday; the gooseberry bushes are well loaded with fruit, but need a few more weeks to ripen. (we'em a fruity family!)
Poor pre-flight check!! >>>>>
Two Chinese guys break into a distillery ..... one turns to the other and says ....."Is this whisky?"
He says "yes ... but not as whisky as wobbing a bank."
Another glorious sunny day - must be true that the devil looks after his own!
Nowt much happening down yere in cream tea land.
The drive looks huge without the van, but it means we can park there now instead of on the road.
Had to have a new battery on Dawn's truck this morning, so spect that'll count as my birthday prezzy.
Wall 2 wall sun again - oh how we frizzled!
For some time, I've been looking for a replacement for Dawn's truck, which is going to need a fair bit of work before the next MOT; this morning we settled on a Berlingo and will pick it up next Monday. It's been hard to find a 4 door car that I can get into easily with my back welded up and my non-bend leg, but this one fits the bill nicely and head of waste disposal can still cart stuff to the tip in it.
The difficulty now, and any aged readers will know the problem, is remembering where we buried our loot - or have we already dug it up and spent it on shoes.
G&T - I haven't forgotten the SD card and I will get it in the post soon.