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August 2015
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A fair start to the day, which is good cos my minder is helping on a charity stall at the annual village street market. Her first job is to help put up the stall and gazebo; remembering our camping days, I wouldn't want to be the one helping her! I thought she would be knackered after knocking on doors selling raffle tickets last evening, but no, 'er was out of bed like a rocket. A lot of people put in a lot of work and usually raise a good amount for local charities, so we're hoping for a fine sunny day - I'll report back later.
Admin's back home, with sore feet and feeling shattered; on the bright side, the weather held and they had a really good day. I popped into Tivvy this evening to collect friends who have been on a bus holiday to Scotland. Coming home along the back road, I met a car driver coming away from the village who obviously wasn't used to our narrow lanes - I had to back up to a farm gate till he was confident enough to come by me, a local would have just dived into the hedgerow!
Ashley has just finished and passed his week-long life savers course, so should be able to get part time work at the pool over the summer.
Had a ride to Burnham this morning, part of the way by motorway and part way on the old roads. There weren't many people about (twas quite early!) so we had a good stroll around and head of purchasing did a bit of shopping; I held the bag and waited outside while she scoured the shelves for bargains. Now I don't mind carrying the bag, but I wish she hadn't taken the pink "girly" one, anyway we didn't meet anyone we knew.
At the start of the year, the main roundabout joining the M5 with the North Devon link road was upgraded to give three lanes exiting the motorway instead of the original two. Today, the first week of August and the middle of the holiday season, some bright spark decided to cone off two of the lanes and this resulted in literally miles of tailback on the motorway trying to exit via just one lane - councils pftt!!
Tis a tad chilly today.
Yesterday, the head of uprooting oiked out a load of carnations that had taken a battering from the wind and replanted some against a fence; the rest we took to Ivan and Jean this morning. They have recently made a new flower border so were grateful for the plants.
We spent the rest of the day tidying up, because we are dog sitting at Taunton for the next week while Ju and family are away; we will pop back every couple of days to check on Mum.
I rang t'hospital after lunch and was told I might get on the September list for my op, but no promises.
Back in Silverton after house/dog sitting in Taunton for Julie. During our stay there we had a few trips out to Watchet, Minehead, Exmouth etc and managed to sort out the garden and other things.
A couple of nights ago I decided to see if I could fly and fell out of Ju's bed onto the floor (I reckon I wus pushed!); I deposited layers of skin on the bedside table and the bedroom door, which left me with a couple of skinless areas on my legs. My skin is fairly easily peeled off lately and I usually leave any damage to clear up on its own, but with an operation looming, and not wanting it delayed because of infection, my surgery sent me to t'hospital to get them sorted. Egged on by my minder, the nurse thought it was highly hilarious, but dressed the wounds with some super-duper fast healing cream and then stuck a gurt big PINK dressing on. If all goes well it shouldn't delay the operation.
The greenhouse is producing loads of toms and the chillies and peppers are coming on well. After only a week, the gardens need a lot of dead-heading, but are looking very colourful; the rain we are having now should abate after lunch and let us get on outside.
We gave up waiting for a lottery win and bought the guttering for the summerhouse. As it is really damp everywhere, we picked this morning to fit it and, after making up a few spacers, job's done. Before, the rainwater off the roof was flooding trays of cuttings and seedlings, now we've fitted the guttering we can expect a drought!
I went to get my dressings changed t'other day and it doesn't look as if it's going to be a quick job cos shins, apparently, are buggers to heal.
Had a trip to Julie's yesterday and head of foraging picked milyons of blackberries, in the fields where she walks with Max. The freezer's filling up with fruit and runner beans.
Hose marks new raised bed
Rather than store the slug pellets with the tea bags in the summerhouse, we've decided to get a small potting shed.(well if BC can have six, surely I can have one!) My tame stump-worrier has been clearing the old trees/bushes prior to setting out the shuttering for the shed base. I've lost count of the sabre saw blades, but the ground is now clear and tomorrow we'll order the shed and materials for the base.
We saw the Red-Arrows on our way back from Exeter - they've been at the Dawlish air show and were either going home or lost.
Been a funny sort of day with bright sunshine and spells of heavy rain.
Shed base - shuttering in and part filled with rubble
Just the odd sprinkling today, but not enough to stop us putting in the shuttering for the new shed base. There is a lot more rubble to go in and then it's mixer time!
Head of plant lifting has cleared the bed on the left of the lawn, to make way for the conservatory and a new raised bed; we're going to get the footings dug out for this bed, so we can pour the concrete when we do the shed base.
Yesterday, the ballast (as-raised, or whatever it's called in your area!) was delivered, along with the timber for an arbor I'm making for some friends. We can collect the cement when we need it, but this will depend on the weather - which doesn't look very settled for a few days.
I've just removed all the German contacts from my phone - so now it's completely "Hans free"!
Mixer arrived today, so we can expect a week of rain now!
When we tried to assemble the arbor I've been making, we found there wasn't enough room in the garage, so we dragged it to our friends and put it together in their garage. Tomorrow, I'll trim off the plugs and sand it down, before we all carry it to it's final resting place in their garden. The sticky out bits of the "roof" can be fitted after that, cos tis a beggar to carry with them on.
Our tame trencher has started on the footings for the new raised bed and is about halfway round, with level pegs in place.
Phew, that's enough for today!
We finished off the arbor and made the "roof" ready for popping on later; Charlie's going to treat it while it's in the garage (we've rain forecast for tomorrow) and then we'll oick it into his garden.
Mrs Mole finished the trenches when we got home and this afternoon we poured the concrete; twas like the good ol' days, with me mixing and 'erself levelling - spect we'll pay for it later though.
The "Red Arrows" honoured us with a fly-past and a "Globemaster" has been roaming around, so there must be an air-show or summat nearby.
We've got a couple of lemon sole to bbq for tonight's meal - eat yer heart out Barry!
Dawn's been "breaking rocks in the hot sun" (smashing up old bricks in the drizzle really) for the hardcore in the shed base. It seems to be clearing a bit now, so we may have a go at concreting the shed base after our gruel has settled. Over the last few days I've been making a budgie carrying box; it's a replacement for the few wood-wormed slats and brown parcel tape a friend asked me to repair! Tis fiddly, but good to do something on a bit smaller scale than the stuff I've been doing lately.
Base is down - speedy or wot!!
As usual, it takes longer to clean up afterwards and head of packaging is bagging up the ballast we've got left; come in handy some day.